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So, what's the score?

I provide simple and concise copy for websites and other marketing materials, created with users in mind. 

From keyword research, writing metadata or creating articles, all content created is data-led, meaning it's focused on subjects your audiences are looking for.

But wait, I'm not just about the content- I can have a snoop around your Google Analytics and search console, conduct Screaming Frog crawls and identify any 'backstage' issues your website may have, as well as offer advice about how to address them.

Copywriting With SEO

Whilst I have always enjoyed digital marketing, writing remains my first love. I have been very lucky to have worked with some of the best Google partnered digital agencies throughout my career, gaining exposure to some of the brightest sparks in the SEO industry.

Whilst content has always been part of a great SEO strategy, it hasn't always been the focus. My approach is to find out exactly what people are looking for first, create quality content that aims to help them and

Since going out on my own as a freelancer, I have been involved in many SEO-focused projects as well as general account management of Google Analytics, Tag Manager and Search Console and can help identify some of the trickier issues that may have occurred.


Applying research-led practises to create content that will drive results

Conducting research to discover what people are actually looking for


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