Marble Surface

Providing content services for businesses

How I got here


Years of working in a fast-paced but exciting agency environment, absorbing all I could about digital marketing and client management. Lucky enough to be working specifically for Google-partnered agencies as SEO managers and Consultants before I craved creativity again.


2018, I stepped out as a Freelance Copywriter, working with the agency I left (very kindly) as well as cold-emailing local businesses. Landed a couple of longer-term relationships with digital agencies Re:Signal, Croud, 22Group. Agreed to work for 3p a word in some cases, learned a LOT of resilience. Secured some of my favourite small business clients for ongoing work


2019, I signed up to my first contract with Thames Water for 9 months and balanced my regular clients.


2020, secured another contract with agency Hugo& Cat and Eversheds Sutherland. Survived a pandemic by working on a launch for a rapid saliva test and wrote for various law firms.

2021, I'm creating data-led content for a beauty and skincare agency and finance company as well as helping an SEO exec for another agency. I've also written for a dog trainer and dog walker (my favourite topic!) and still happy to take on the odd project so drop me a line!


Things I am: honest, creative, chatty, enthusiastic about any project I work on- yes, even legal whitepapers. Project manager, reliable, fellow freelance champion, team player and dog-lover.


Things I’m not: a techie wizard, coder, content designer, therapist, business development manager, assertive, available to reply on weekends.


Applying research-led practises to content that will drive results

Conducting research to discover what people are actually looking for